Photo of the Week – How to Shoot Kids

I love shooting my kids because it makes me have fun and break all the rules.


Now for some rules and techniques.

  • Always make sure it’s a fun idea and it gets the kids moving around
  • Kids shots aren’t formal portraits (that’s what school photos are for) so capturing them when they are being themselves
  • Make ensure they are part of the shoot and use their photos ideas
  • Don’t over direct them but also don’t let them go to crazy for too long


When I shoot my kids I do it like a photojournalistic assignment. This means I take a lot of shots and don’t care if I don’t get all of them in focus or in frame. This frees me up to experiment and as I continue to shoot they will always relax and give you a nice smile of do something natural. If I am having fun the kids will pick up on it and relax too.


  • I ask them to chase me and then I will shoot with the camera behind me to snap them running after me. You will get lots of waited shots but you only need one awesome shot to make your day.
  • I ask them to climb a tree and see who can get to the top fastest.
  • I ask them to cook some cookies and then shoot the whole proses including the eating part.
  • I ask them to read a book to their brother or sister and then shoot them interacting and being still.


It’s all about getting them involved in something they enjoy and then recording it with a camera as many way as possible. They might grumble and roll their eyes at the beginning but soon they will forget you are there (or ignore you) and that’s when you will get a special shot that you will cherish for many years.


If the children are shorter then you get down to their level even if it means you are laying on the ground. Remember to have fun and take way more shots than you need. Then when things have quieted down upload the shots to your computer and edit like crazy.


Next week I will get into “ISO Verses Grain” which will come in handy if you have to shoot in a “No Flash Allowed” situation.