That’s a hard question to answer


I feel it’s more than capturing images to help remember the past. It’s  a new way of thinking and looking. If you embrace photography as a lifestyle you will get much more pleasure out of your day. Now when you look at a garden or a street scene you will see light and shadow. You will be able to appreciate texture and color hue. In short you will be much more aware of your surroundings and live a fuller life because of it.

Jennifer Yong RED-1

This to me is the greatest gift that photography brings to people and I think it’s, in part, one of the reasons so many people want to get more from their photography experience.

Photography is not your camera or your phone. Those are just tools that capture light and transform it into an editable form. Yes that’s impressive but it’s not what gives a photographer the ability to get amazing shots.


The thing that you must understand is that photography is all about you and how you see the world. It is about understanding what you want to say regardless of the subject matter. It is about slowing down your hectic day and stepping into a calm and meditative state. It’s about looking at the world and actually seeing it.

If you can do this then you are well on your way to becoming a photographer of note.