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Butter Chicken Lunch

Photo of the Week – Food for the Eyes

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take great shots.

Butter Chicken Lunch

I was taking “street shots” on Commercial Drive (Vancouver) the other day and popped into my favorite Indian restaurant for some Bob fuel. This place is a well kept secret and I do recommend that you grab your camera and head on down for some delightfully presented and delicious food if you are in the area. The chief is very personable and always comes out to chat with the dinners.

You can get great shots with simple cameras but you do have to be able to see light and understand how composition works to get the most out of them. I change the settings more often than not by fooling the phone into getting the exposure I want. In this case I metered the curry (nice mid tone) for a good overall exposure and let the rice go a bit hot.

  • Camera Nexus 4 phone (Pure Google experience)
  • 4.6 mm Lens (35mm equivalent)
  • Shutter at 1/16
  • F2.65
  • ISO 100
  • Window Light on Black table
  • Processing in Aviary Android App (just cropping and adding frame)

Next week I will talk about how to get wide tonal range black and white images from RAW files.