Photo of the Week – Hungry Eyes

If you want to get great shots you have to have your camera with you at all times.


This is the most important attitude for any photographer.  We all carry cameras in our phones so you should know how to use your phone camera too.

On this day I was having lunch at the Granville Island Market after a long day of lighting design work for a web series I am helping to produce.

On my way out of the market I walked through the maze of stalls with my camera ready. I grabbed 15 shots during my walk to the exit. This one is the winner. When shooting street style always take a ton of shots and edit mercilessly when you are back home.

  • Shot with Olympus OMD E5
  • 45mm Lens (90mm equivalent)
  • Shutter at 1/100
  • F1.8
  • ISO 320
  • Indoor with florissant and tungsten light
  • Processing in Lightroom 5

Next week I will show you a spectacular shot from my humble Nexus 4 phone.