Bob Color Portrait MutedMeet Bob Garlick, the Great Idea Guy

About Bob Garlick

Bob has been shooting all over the world for over 38 years. He started out with a Pentax K1000 film camera (50mm f2 lens) for a student exchange trip to Japan. He is now an expert on almost any format camera and lighting system and continues to perfect his techniques. His camera of choice is the mirrorless Olympus OMD EM-5 with a 50mm 1.4 lens or his Nexus 5 phone camera.

While still in Highschool he started volunteering as a photographer at Monday Magazine and was taught by Mike Gluss the head photographer at the magazine. Mike Gluss had worked in Toronto, Montreal and New York for many years servicing the magazine, commercial and fashion industry before heading up the photo department at Monday Magazine.

Bob continued to work at Monday magazine as the real estate photographer and the stringer photojournalist after graduation. Over 2 years he shot over 100,000 exposures which enabled him to “find his style” and master light and composition.

He then opened a photographic production studio in Vancouver for a couple of years before moving to Toronto to work with some for the top photographers in the industry. He worked for Skip Dean, Struan Campbell Smith, William Santillo, Yuri Dojc and many others as a senior assistant and lighting specialist. After six years of shooting in Toronto he returned to Vancouver to start a school of photography with Mike Gluss and Kriss Kann.


The Western Academy of Photography was created to teach beginners to advanced amateurs (3 week and 10 month programs) how to understand; light, film, large format, photojournalism, art, composition, advanced techniques, portfolio building, studio management, processing, darkroom techniques and advanced workshops with working top professionals from all over North America and canada.

Bob then left Canada and worked as a photographer, designer and creative director in Asia for 14 years. He worked and shot in Japan, China, Hong Kong, SIngapore and Thailand. He now lives and shoots on the West Coast of Canada but does travel the world on assignment when needed.

During his 38 year career as a photographer he has shot for: MacLean’s Magazine, Canadian Living magazine, Time Magazine (Asia) plus hundreds of other magazines, hotels, companies and tourist organisations.

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